Music is a gateway to the soul. You can create & remember emotions just with music. Music can tell any story, with or without lyrics. Being musically talented isn't something everyone was gifted with, but doesn't mean that those that weren't given the natural talent for it, don't want to be surrounded by it or use their talents to assist in the creation of music.

Dragons Empyre is that bridge for music creators & the services they need & want. It's an aqueduct for music lovers & fans to surround themselves with the creation of music & the processes of some of their favorite up & coming artists, while being able to enjoy some of the same services. Being able to possibly be in the same atmosphere that the next "HOT" song was created. Having the ability to hear new songs (before the radio ruins it for you, lol) while you get your hair done or get a new tattoo. Being a dancer & getting hand-picked to work in a new video by someone that's been recording right next door to where you practice. As a tattoo artist, being able to see your work on your client in their next music video, that they made right next door to where you work... You get the Idea!!

If music is what you love, then this will definitely be a place that you will need to come check out! There will always be something for everyone. We are putting NO limitations on what we can do or where we can go. Be a part of an Empyre that's here to be a part of you!